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Guaranteed Titles and Survey Plans now available online cheaper and faster than before.with Quickmap® Version 7.4 or better. Title Details can be viewed FREE with most Quickmap products.


Description of Title Ordering Options

Guaranteed Search 
A  Guaranteed copy of the Title consisting of:
  • the Current Title
  • the Title Diagram (if available)
  • details of any pending transactions
  • the Title view and Title diagram or the Supplementary Record Sheet if it is a Unit Title

The Guaranteed Title is used when transferring ownership of a property to ensure that there are no transactions about to be lodged against the Title.

Title Search 

  • the Computer Register current Title

  • diagram  - a simple diagram of the deposited plan, usually including area and dimensions of the property.

This document provides details of current ownership and memorials currently registered against the Title.  Also includes a diagram (if available).  This would be used if a Guaranteed Title was not available - eg if the Title has been cancelled, or it is a deed of easement which is not a title type that can have a guarantee.

Historic Title 
Displays both current and historic information relative to the Title and consists of:

  • the current Title (without diagram)

  • Historic information (listing prior owners and cancelled memorials)
  • a scanned image of the original paper Title (if applicable)

This document is a useful tool for researching prior interests in a property Title.   

NOTE:  Any Title that was cancelled prior to LandonLine (1999-2002) is unlikely to be available electronically.  The only way to get this is by a special request from LINZ who have archived these documents.  https://www.linz.govt.nz/survey-titles/order-copy/index.aspx 


Price per Document

Title Details - A snapshot of the Certificate of Title details, usually between 3 days and 5 weeks old, showing the same information as the Certificate of Title with diagram (see below), without the diagram. 




Title History - Historic Title data dating back to around 1998, including historic memorials (accessed via Title Details).




Guaranteed Certificate of Title with diagram. The Certificate of Title details the legal owner of the property and shows everything registered against the property title. The Certificate of Title details whether there are any Mortgages, Leases, Easements, land usage restrictions, or other interests registered against the property title. It will also tell you whether the land is freehold or leasehold. The Guaranteed Title also shows any interests that have been lodged with Land Information New Zealand, but have not yet been registered against the Title.


Certificate of Title with diagram. (Search Title)  The Certificate of Title with diagram details the same information as the Guaranteed Title, excluding any interests that have been lodged with land Information New Zealand, but have not yet been registered against the Title. Any document ordered through QuickMap®'s Document Ordering System will always provide the Guaranteed Title, unless this is not available from LINZ.


Instrument / Document. Instruments are the documents that record the nature and extent of an interest in a property. The most common instruments (or Memorials) are Transfers, Mortgages, Discharges of Mortgage, Caveats, Covenants, Leases and Easements


Survey Plan. The Survey Plan shows survey information such as marks and observations made by the surveyor, along with the legal parcel boundaries. A Survey Plan may be made up of a Survey Plan, Title Plan, and sometimes multiple sheets. The Title Plan is sometimes known as a Unit or Flat Plan, and may show portion(s) of ownership of a property and the titles associated with them. The Survey Plan's Title Plan is often supplied with any title ordered, and used as the Title diagram. All Title, Survey and additional sheets are supplied when you order the Survey Plan.


Cached Survey Plan. The cached Survey Plan is generally the same as the Survey Plan above, but a copy was made of it typically some years ago. The cached Survey Plan is therefore normally exactly the same as the Survey Plan, because the Survey Plan normally does not change after it has been in the system for over a year. Around 90% of Survey Plans are available for purchase from within the Cache.  





Documents are normally delivered within 8 minutes. To date, we have managed to deliver 90% of documents in under 10 minutes.


Corporate Rates


The following volume discounts apply 



$7.90 + GST per document. Minimum order 6 documents per month


$6.50 + GST per document. Minimum order 25 documents per month


$5.50 + GST per document. Minimum order 100 documents per month


The volume discount above is applied as a credit for the following month.

There are no extra setup or registration costs. Once you have topped up your prepay account, you are free to order documents by clicking on the title or plan in the detailed property report windows.




  Quickmap provides up-to-date Mapping and property information throughout New Zealand. 

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