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Google Earth

Paste Google Earth Photos into QuickMap Enterprise and SalesView, or Overlay any data in Google Earth. With Sales data, the higher the icon, the more expensive the property. This view is particularly useful for spotting anomalies. The image below shows commercial sales between March 07 and March 08 in Google Earth. 

Google Earth allows you to email this map, so you can easily send it to a Client, Colleague or Friend.

Of course you will need to download and install Google Earth first. Google, Inc. provides three product levels to Google Earth, which you should investigate before using Google Earth with QuickMap. For the most timely and complete Google Earth licensing options, please consult Google's website and license agreement at http://earth.google.com/downloads.html.



Pasting photos into QuickMap Enterprise or SalesView from Google is easy. Just select Copy Image off the Edit menu in Google, and press CTRL/V in QuickMap Enterprise or SalesView. The image will be automatically positioned in the right place for you (georeferenced).



QuickMap provides up-to-date Mapping and property information throughout New Zealand. 

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