Quickmap Version 8 Release – Jan 19

Quickmap version 8 has been extensively beta tested, and is now officially live!

Quickmap Version 8 incorporates all the features of Quickmap Version 7, and offers these additional advantages:

Better Support for Terminal Servers

The database Qmap.mdb stores Quickmap configuration information such as which layers to display, how the map looks etc and is located in the Quickmap data folder in Version 7 (e.g. C:\Qmap\Data). On terminal servers, this can result in all users on the server being affected by just one user changing the look of their map. In Version 8, this database has been made private to each individual user, and is now located in %USERPROFILE%/Documents/Quickmap/Data/Quickmap.mdb.

Better Support for Other Data Sources

Quickmap Version 8 has better support for other data sources. For example, you can add additional layers to Quickmap from Spreadsheets, text files, ODBC connections, and Microsoft Access accdb databases. Contact support@quickmap.co.nz for more information.

Add Ability to Export KML Files

KML is a file format used to display geographical data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth or Google Maps. The KML file can be used to overlay Quickmap boundaries in Google Earth, and is exported from Quickmap by selecting Export from the File menu.

Quickmap Has a Generally Newer and Fresher Look

Quickmap Version 8 has been re-written in C# .NET and C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. Both Version 7 and Version 8 Quickmap happily run on the same PC, and share the same data folder. If you have Version 7 installed, Version 8 will have all the layers and same look and feel that exists in Version 7.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs that existed in Quickmap Version 7 have been fixed in Version 8.

Add Diagnose/Repair Quickmap to Tools Menu

Quickmap Version 8 now includes a tool that allows you to remove layers referencing databases on your PC or Server that no longer exist on your network. This tool can in some cases, significantly speed up how fast Quickmap starts up if you had previously added layers to Quickmap from a database that no longer exists on the network.

Update Meshblocks and Schools

The latest statistical meshblock boundaries and schools data is included in the Quickmap Version 8 install.

Easier Access to Title Details

The plan and title icon in the Quickmap Detailed property Report have been changed to View Title, View Survey Plan and View Title Plan. The View Title button will now take you directly to the free title preview, and the View Plan buttons will display the survey plan if you have the Survey Plan expansion pack installed.

Other minor changes

  • A transparent font option has been added to the Symbology Editor.
  • The map can now be panned by pressing the center scroll wheel on your mouse, making it easier to move around.

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