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Searching in QuickMap couldn't be easier with QuickSearch. Click on the Find button, and you are given a choice of Address, Appellation, Corporate Owner, Owner, Place Name, Title or Use to search from. If you have QuickMap Enterprise you also can search on Survey Plan or Valuation Reference. If you can't find your property with these to search from, perhaps your property is not in New Zealand. The schools expansion pack also adds in the schools search item. You can also add your own search items for your own data if you like.

As you type, the nearest match to what you have typed so far is displayed in the search box. This can be quite handy when you are searching on Owner, because sometime the owner recorded by LINZ has been misspelt, but QuickSearch will allow you to guess how it was spelt.



QuickMap provides up-to-date Mapping and property information throughout New Zealand. 

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