Cannot Update Layers In QMap.MDB. This May Be Because The Database Is Read Only

When you first run Quickmap, you get the following error:

Cannot Update Layers in QMap.MDB. This may be because the database is read only. Database is C:\Program Files\QMap\Data\QMap.MDB. Error is: Operation must use an updateable query.

This is because the first time QuickMap is run, it sets which Island you have installed by updating QMap.MDB. This update only happens once after an install, but it will fail if QuickMap cannot write to QMap.MDB because the database is read only. The most common cause of this is when an administrator installs QuickMap, but never actually runs it, then sets up a restricted account for a user to run QuickMap. The solution is to make sure you can write to C:\Program Files\QMap\Data\QMap.mdb. e.g. Run Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\QMap\Data\, right mouse click on QMap.mdb and choose properties, then make sure the database is not read only.

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