How To Get Free Certificate Of Title Data In NZ

This articles explains how to get free Certificate of Title data in NZ, but before we get into that, I’d like to explain how Certificate of Titles are managed / ordered in NZ.

All Certificate of Title documents in NZ get ordered from LINZ, who charge for that service. There are various companies that handle this ordering process (via LINZ) for you and are even able to provide a discount because they are ordering titles on bulk, so you might think that there is no way to get a free Certificate of Title in NZ. Well, there are no free lunches, but if you are someone who orders lots of Certificate of Title documents from LINZ, then it’s possible to get free title data.

Well effectively free, as I said, there are no free lunches. Basically, if you buy a Quickmap license (Prover also offer this service), you get access to Quickmap’s Title Preview system, which allows you to view a copy of the title data for free. The data is updated weekly (so the free Title Preview on average is a few days old), and you can buy a copy of the Certificate of Title if you need title data that’s newer than that, or if you are required to do so by law in your industry.

❗ Note: If you want to use Quickmap to order Certificate of Titles, we are one of the cheapest places to order from in NZ (our customers include councils, banks, real estate agents, lawyers, surveyors, etc.).

Getting this free Certificate of Title data (Title Preview) is helpful because it lets you see what instruments (Easements, Covenants, etc) there are on a Certificate of Title without having to buy a title. You can even see the instrument numbers so you can order them without having to buy a Certificate of Title to get the numbers to buy the instrument you want!

Our customers rate this free Title Preview as one of their favourite things about our product because it saves them a LOT of money in ordering Certificates of Title.

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