November 2023 Update

Historic Aerials – New Feature!

At the end of the last update, I alluded to an upcoming enhancement to Premise, Prover and Quickmap that will aid those working in areas affected by climate change. I’m pleased to say that we got this out the door early and released the new feature a couple of weeks ago.

The new feature is a layer called “Historic Aerials” and enables Quickmap users to compare new aerial photography with aerials of cyclone Gabriel affected areas, taken back in October 2021. As Premise and Prover don’t have the logistical issues associated with sending that much data to users at a low cost, we were able to give those users the ability to view historic aerials for the whole of New Zealand.

To get the new feature, Premise and Prover users don’t need to do anything, we’ve already enabled it on your accounts and there is no additional cost. If you’re a Quickmap customer, to get Historic Aerials you just need to update to the latest aerials. While this is about the cost of the postage plus the USB drives that we send the data out on (prices below), we recommend taking a look at our online solutions where the aerial data is available at no extra cost (bear in mind that Prover/Premise is often free for Quickmap customers).

Updated Aerials for November 2023

As you might have guessed from the previous paragraphs, following the introduction of Historic Aerials, we’ve also updated the aerial photography in Premise, Prover, PropertySmarts and Quickmap.

Premise, Prover and PropertySmarts users don’t need to do anything to get the new aerials, these have already been automatically updated.

Quickmap subscribers can purchase an Aerial update by contacting, for $300.00 +GST for one Island, or $400.00 +GST for NZ. The Quickmap Aerial update will add 2 new historic layers if you are running Version 8, that will allow you to view historic aerial affected by cyclone Gabriel. The Historic Aerials feature is not available on the South Island hard drive and you must be running Quickmap 8 (which is a free upgrade from version 7 and has a whole lot of extra features like free survey plans).

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