How To Install Aerial Photos In Quickmap v8

This article shows how to install aerial photos in Quickmap version 8.

First download the files from then unzip them to your Air Photo folder. If you are upgrading from version 7, to find the Air Photo (Image) folder, load Quickmap and select About from the Help menu. The location of the Image (Air Photo) folder will be listed here.

If you are installing Aerial Photos to a standalone computer (not a network install),  run V8_ExpansionSetup.exe from within the shared Air Photo folder. Otherwise, if you are installing Aerial Photos to a network location to share with other computers, you’ll need to share the Air Photo folder then run V8_ExpansionSetup.exe on each client computer. To do this:

  1. Right click on the Photo folder and click Properties
  2. Click on the Sharing tab, then click the Advanced Sharing button (you may be prompted to enter Administrator credentials)
    ❗ Make note of the Share name in the box – you’ll use that in Step 8
  3. Tick Share this folder, and then click the Permissions button
  4. Select the Everyone group and tick the Full Control tickbox that’s under the Allow column. This will give everyone share access (we’ll give you the opportunity in Step 6 to lock this down later in this tutorial)
  5. Click OK, then OK to take you back to the first window
  6. (Optional) Click on the Security tab and set up any necessary permissions
  7. Now the folder is shared, you’ll need to log onto any computer(s) you wish to use the Aerial Photos on, and run V8_ExpansionSetup.exe from within the shared Air Photo folder (which can be found by typing \\ComputerName\SharedName\

❗ If you get an error when you run V8_ExpansionSetup.exe, contact Quickmap for a new product key.

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