Quickmap is a desktop Geographical Information System (GIS), bundled with a comprehensive New Zealand wide property database. It delivers easy access to Titles, Survey Plans, Sales, Aerial Photographs, Survey and topographic data and much more. Surveyors, Valuers, Real Estate Agents and Builders rely on Quickmap to help meet their property information needs. It is also used extensively by central and local government, utilities and others to help manage or administer their properties by integrating their data into Quickmap. 

Quickmap will save you time and money, is easy to use, and gives you the most cost effective access to a wealth of up-to-date property data at your fingertips.

Title and legal data is updated weekly online, and other property data is updated monthly, which means you can combine up-to-date property data with powerful desktop analysis tools that will not put limits on finding the property information you need. This may include reporting on your own data if you choose.

Quickmap also provides data you won’t find anywhere else such as free title preview, free access to Survey Plans and a comprehensive survey database.