What’s New In Quickmap Version 8?

Wondering what’s new in Quickmap Version 8? This change log is a list of all the new features in Quickmap Version 8 and its sub-versions.

Quickmap Version 8.3.7307 – 06/01/20
  • Free downloads are available by selecting downloads from the tools menu in Quickmap. This allows downloading additional layers to Quickmap that include:
    • Building outlines – Current outlines of buildings captured from the latest aerial imagery. This layer is a must for most property professionals, and helps identify encroachment, as well as provide a sanity check on building floor area.
    • Council Zones – Council district plan zones for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Quickmap’s GIS functionality will allow you to search for properties based on zone, parcel size, ownership and other details. The zone layers will be particularly useful for prospecting purposes when you are searching for properties to develop or purchase within a given zone.
    • Land Use – Land Use Classifications based on the NZ Land Resource Inventory which details information such as soil physical or chemical properties, erosion, arability and other land use classifications. These new Quickmap layers will be particularly useful for Rural Valuers when evaluating the potential farm productivity and therefore its potential value.
  • SQL Server enhancement – Quickmap Version 8.3 supports adding layers connected to SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL and many other data sources. Version 8.3 now allows searching on features connected to a SQL Server database.
  • Bug fixes – Quickmap Version 8.3 includes a number of minor bug fixes.
Quickmap Version 8.2.7246 – 04/11/19
  • Add ability to export selected parcel(s) in KML without an opaque background, for viewing in Google Earth.
  • Add Save points as parcels checkbox to Choose Destination Layer The Choose Destination Layer form is displayed by right mouse clicking on the map, and selecting Copy Selected Objects to.. off the menu. This functionality will, for example, allow you to convert all your job numbers from points to parcels.
  • Change the Info window report generated when a feature is selected from the Road Polygon layer or the Road layer so that information from both layers are combined into 1 report.
  • Allow the option of creating new themes under the Theme menu, rather than         Themes->My Theme menu. This option is in the form displayed when you select Save as new Theme off the Theme menu in Quickmap.
Quickmap v8.2.7220 – 09/10/19
  • Add Suppress further errors option for QControlV2.OCX errors.
  • Read <datadir>\Qconfig.cfg every minute to intercept errors caused by Windows automatically disconnecting network drives. More information about this problem is available from Microsoft.
  • Check <datadir>\Qconfig.cfg exists before attempting to open any databases via the OCX.
  • If insufficient data exists in <datadir> do not ghost out tools->Diagnose/Repair->Change Data Directory.
  • When qmap.lck is created for a data update, change the Quickmap shutdown message to include the name of the person who is doing the update.
  • Add ability to deleted more than 1 selected feature in editable layers (e.g. Edit Layer).
  • If the Quickmap data directory does not exist (e.g. the network drive has been disconnected) display a meaningful error message.
  • ❗ Note: This release is only available via the Software Update menu on the Quickmap Help menu within the Quickmap program.
Quickmap v8.2.7215 – 07/10/19
  • Export of DXF format files now include an option to clip features to the map extents.
  • A 64bit version of Quickmap was released to allow integration with Headway Systems’ product Valbiz.
  • Automatically resize the File -> Export form to display all buttons if windows has been manually changed to use large fonts.
  • Include Title and Display Logo as options that can be permanently set in the Print Setup form (File -> Print Setup) when the Set as Default button is clicked.
  • Display the number of days remaining when Quickmap is registered.
  • A bug was fixed which caused Quickmap to lock up if features are selected by rectangle from the map, and rectangle is rapidly made larger or smaller during the selection process.
Quickmap v8.2.7191 – 09/09/19
  • If the Find form (CTRL/F) is resized, the new size is remembered between sessions.
  • Results in the Find form no longer leaves a gap at the bottom of the list.
  • Layers can be re-added to Quickmap using File->New Layer with the same name and a layer that used to exist in Quickmap, but was deleted.
  • The Data Download Manager now has 2 buttons: Download Now and Install Now. Data update downloads scheduled to run at night time still run automatically, without the need to click any button.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevents the support log displaying when you select Support Log off the Help menu in Quickmap
  • More information…
Quickmap v8.2.7154 – 03/08/19
  • Reports generated by selecting CTRL/R in Quickmap now display the x and y coordinates in currently selected display output coordinate system. The output coordinate system is set in Quickmap by selecting Tools->Options->Coordinate display off the menu.
  • Bearings and Distances can now be included when exporting in DXF format by turning bearings and distances on in Quickmap before selecting Export off the File menu.
  • Street names exported in DXF files automatically rotate to follow the road.
  • Allow administrators to disable automatic Quickmap software updates – Contact Quickmap to find out how to do this.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Quickmap sometimes locked up when Support Log is selected off the Help menu.
    • Using the Info tool on the Local Council layer generated an error.
  • More information…
Quickmap v8.2.7129 – 01/07/19
  • Fixes to symbology editor interface.
  • Automatic registration.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • More information…
Quickmap Data Download Manager v1.0 (Beta) – 13/06/19
  • Initial beta release of the Quickmap Data Download Manager.
  • Enable Quickmap data to be automatically downloaded and installed (either on a schedule or manually).
  • More information…
Quickmap v8.2.7096 – 06/06/19
  • Google Earth overlay issues fixed.
  • Import wizard issue with WKT files fixed.
  • Various bug fixes.
Quickmap v8.1.70011 – 13/03/19
  • An issue where some aerials may come out green when printed, was fixed.
  • Enable Data Directory to be changed within Quickmap.
  • Fix COM error “xxx in method UpdateToolbar of class FrmQMap
  • Performance improvements – maps are rendered 3x faster.
  • Road names now curve around roads.
  • Improvements to aerial photography quality.
  • The ability to view Survey Plans in JPG, TIF and PNG format (requires the Survey Plan Expansion).
  • Printing now displays a Print Preview before giving the option to print.
  • Improvements to scaling, by excluding the NZ Layer at scales under 1:50,000 by default.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • More information…
Quickmap v8.0.6948 Official Release – 08/01/19
  • Official release.
  • Ability to Export KML Files.
  • Better support for other data sources. (Adding additional layers to Quickmap from Spreadsheets, text files, ODBC connections, and Microsoft Access accdb databases).
  • A transparent font option has been added to the Symbology Editor.
  • The map can now be panned by pressing the center scroll wheel on your mouse, making it easier to move around.
  • The plan and title icon in the Quickmap Detailed property Report have been changed to View Title, View Survey Plan and View Title Plan. The View Title button will now take you directly to the free title preview, and the View Plan buttons will display the survey plan if you have the Survey Plan expansion pack installed.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • More information…
Quickmap v8.0 (Beta) – 04/07/18
  • Quickmap initial beta release.
  • New and fresher look without changing how Quickmap works.
  • Better support for terminal servers. (Private databases such as Qmap.mdb are no longer shared with multiple users, which allows Quickmap to be installed to the Program Files)
  • Updated schools, meshblocks and area units layers.
  • CSV files created by the reporting functionality now compatible with more recent versions of Excel.
  • Improved symbology (how the map looks) for the My Default layer.
  • New Repair Quickmap option available from the Tools Diagnose/Repair menu that can speed up Quickmap in some cases.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • More information…
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