February 2023 Update

We hope you had a relaxing, safe and enjoyable break. This Newsletter includes updates to Prover and Quickmap hints.

Prover enhancements

We have enhanced Prover so that property details can be viewed by left mouse clicking the parcel on the map. Previously this functionality was only available under the search tab.

Parcels that have easements and/or other secondary parcels are also added to the search results on the left hand side. You can highlight the specific easement or secondary parcel on the map by clicking on the map icon in the search results on the left hand side.

Quickmap Hints

Did you know that if Quickmap is slow to start, it is most commonly caused by Quickmap trying to find layers that it no longer has access to, such as on a server that no longer exists?

It’s possible to speed up the loading of Quickmap by removing those layers. To do this, load up Quickmap, click Tools –> Diagnose/Repair –> Repair Quickmap.This shows a list of layers that Quickmap is trying to load when it starts, but can’t find the layer database. Select the layers that you no longer need and click Yes to remove them (note: This will not delete the database file, because it’s not available).

Quickmap should then load up much faster!

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