August 2023 Update

Uploading Data To The Cloud

Last month we told you about our game changing new feature that allows you to upload your own layers into the cloud. I’m pleased to say that despite a few weeks delay, that feature is now available to use in both Premise and Prover.

This enhancement enables you to create your own layers and add, edit or delete your data using the edit tools. Data can be imported in CSV format or Quickmap WKT format and exported as a CSV. While the Edit layer data remains visible only to you and cannot be shared, other layers you create can be shared with people in your company. When you share the layer, you are able to specify read/write permissions.

For example, you can set the permissions on a layer to allow you to share job numbers with everyone in your organization, and limit who is allowed to edit the data. The ability to specify people who can view data allows you to restrict access to confidential information.

The ability to upload data is still in its beta phase, which means that now is a great time to try it, give us feedback and have your input in developing the product in a way that works best for you!

If you’re already a Premise or Prover user, this new feature can be found in the Layers section of the menu, under the heading “Private Data”. Just click the plus sign next to the Private Data heading to upload your own data. Alternatively you can use the Import tool.

If you’re not already a Premise or Prover user, just contact us to arrange a free trial.


As always, we’re looking forward to sponsoring and attending the Survey and Spatial NZ 2023 conference, so please be sure to come and say hi if you’re going to be there. Naturally we’ll be showing off the latest updates to our software and while you don’t have to wait for the conference to talk to us, this will be a great time to catch up.

Finally, A Bit of Fun

We’ve recently been experimenting with AI to do all the voice work in our latest Prover training video. Naturally we’ve had lots of fun hearing what it’s like to have Arnie and Sylvester Stallone give Prover training, but we ended up settling on a more professional female voice.

What was interesting about using the AI for this business use, was that it was hard to get the AI to pronounce the product name correctly. We ended up misspelling Prover to trick the AI into pronouncing it correctly – that’s right, humans are still smarter than AI’s.

If you’re interested in using such things for your business, hopefully this little trick helps you and if you’re curious about how a training video voiced by an AI sounds, then head over to our booth in the conference for a listen. If you aren’t attending, we have some other training videos that are currently in production that will be available online so watch this space.

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