Cyclic Redundancy Check Error – Installing Or Updating Quickmap

When installing or updating Quickmap from CD, you get one of the following errors:

Cyclic redundancy check error

Bad file mode

Error reading file xxxx

Not a valid Win32 Application

The most common reason for these error messages during an install or upgrade is because setup.exe either cannot read from the source disk because it is damaged, or cannot write to the target disk.

Errors you get if setup cannot read from the source disk are many and varied. The best way to confirm if the error has resulted from problems reading the disk is to manually copy the CD-ROM into a temporary folder on your hard drive. If the copy is successful, you can then run the setup from that temporary folder.

Before starting, you should carefully check the CD for any marks. Even the smallest, barely visible fingerprint or scratch is enough to prevent the CD from being read. If any marks are found, wipe the marks off using a soft cloth, an if necessary warm water.  Always clean the disk by wiping from the inside to the outside. Never wipe in a circular fashion. We thought this article was quite good to tell you about cleaning CD-ROM’s and DVD’s.

 Here are the steps required to copy the CD to a temporary folder.

  1. Right mouse click on the Start button to display a menu, and click on Explorer using the left mouse button.
  2. Windows explorer will now be displayed. If there is a plus sign next to My Computer then click on it to expand the list of folders.
  3. Click on the disk drive where you wish to create a temporary folder to hold the CD-ROM files.In this example it is Data (D) then click on the file menu. When the file menu is displayed, choose New -> Folder and type in Qmap.
  4. Put the suspected faulty disk into the CD-ROM drive. Click on the CD-ROM drive then click Edit -> Select All, then click Edit -> Copy.
  5. Click on the QuickMap folder you created earlier, and select Edit -> Paste.

Windows Explorer should now copy all the files from the CD-ROM into the temporary folder QMap. The copy process normally takes around 5 minutes. If the CD copies OK to the temporary folder, then you can double click on the setup program in the temporary folder to install QuickMap.

If the copy fails, and you have another PC, it is recommended you try the copy on that PC. If it copies OK, then the problem may be the reader. If that is not possible, or also the second PC also fails to read the disk, then contact Custom Software for another disk.

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