How To Install Quickmap Version 7 Silently – Quickmap V7

This article covers Quickmap version 7. See here for Quickmap version 8 instructions.

QuickMap is normally installed by running setup off Disk 1, followed by Disk 2. However larger organisations may choose to install QuickMap automatically via a login script, SCCM or AD Software Deployment. The instructions below describe how QuickMap may be installed automatically for individual users via a login script.

To install Quickmap in silent mode, you will need to use the following command line switches:

These can be used on the Quickmap.msi found in the Release folder, to be run with msiexec with the /i and /qn switches.

After you have installed Quickmap, you will have to register it silently. To do this, see Step 3, below.

Here’s an example of how to install Quickmap silently (note one is typical using no GUI, the other is minimal using a basic GUI):

msiexec /i Quickmap.msi /qn INSTOPT=”MINIMAL” TARGETDIR=”C:\Qmap”
msiexec /i Quickmap.msi /qb INSTOPT=”TYPICAL” TARGETDIR=”C:\Qmap”

Below is an example of a silent install of a client – server.

Step 1 – Setup the server

Do a full QuickMap install of your server PC in the standard way (e.g. to C:\QMap)

Step 2 – Client install

Share C:\QMap on the server to each client (e.g. to Z:), then for each client, do an unattended minimal install with the command:

msiexec /qb /l* qmaplog.txt /i Z:\Release\quickmap.msi INSTOPT=”MINIMAL”

Where Z:\ is the shared folder on the server.
To do a full install, rather than minimal, the command would be

msiexec /qb /l* qmaplog.txt /i Z:\Release\quickmap.msi INSTOPT=”TYPICAL”

Step 3 – Register QuickMap

Write your Registration Key Number to the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Qkey\Option\Default

This will result in the registration key be automatically displayed when QuickMap prompts the user to register the first time they run it. All the User has to do is click the Register button. They do not need administrator rights to successfully register QuickMap. 

If autoregister.lic exists in the quickmap Data folder (e.g. Z:\Data) then QuickMap will register itself online without asking for any input from the user. A dialog box is displayed while this registration process is in progress.

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One thought on “How To Install Quickmap Version 7 Silently – Quickmap V7

  1. Today I had an issue whereby, after a silent install I got this error:

    Cannot find C:\Qmap\Data\Qmap.mdb

    After looking into it further, I find that the C:\Qmap\Data\ directory was missing many files.

    To fix this, I copied all the files from the install directory (C:\Disk1\Data\) into the C:\Qmap\Data\ directory.