How To Open Quickmap At A Specific Map Location

There are a few ways to make Quickmap open at a specific location on the map. You can set Quickmap to:

  • Open at the location you last viewed
  • Always open at the same map location
  • Specify a layer or SQL query within a database dynamically on startup to open on the map

Opening Quickmap At The Last Location You Viewed

First let’s cover opening Quickmap at the last place you viewed, which is the default behavior of Quickmap. By default, when you close Quickmap (if you have View -> Prompt to Save View Extent on Exit selected), Quickmap will ask you if you want to save the current map location, which it will then open at when you next start Quickmap.

If you don’t want to be asked this each time, then close Quickmap, tick the box that says “Don’t ask me this again” and click “Yes”. Quickmap should then always go to the last place you viewed when you start Quickmap without any popups when you close Quickmap.

Always Open Quickmap At The Same Location

There might be a particular area that you work in, in which case you may want Quickmap to always open at the same place on the map. To always open Quickmap at a specific location, select View -> Prompt to Save View Extent on Exit, then navigate to the location on the map that you would like Quickmap to default to, then exit Quickmap and click “Yes”. Then start Quickmap again, then exit Quickmap and tick the box that says “Don’t ask me this again” and click “No”. Quickmap should then always start at the same place on the map.

Opening Quickmap To Locations Specified In A Database

It’s possible to have Quickmap dynamically change it’s starting map location based on the data you send it. This is useful if you are integrating Quickmap with another application or if you want Quickmap to automatically open the map at a relevant location, which may change.

To do this you need a database with valid Quickmap data (a layer) in it, and an SQL query specifying the relevant stuff in that database (layer) to show on the map. You then specify the database location and SQL query when starting Quickmap from the command prompt or shortcut using the below format:

quickmap.exe –db “C:\Folder\database.mdb” –sql “select id from jobs_table”

This is a powerful tool because you can have other programs (such as a CRM software) start Quickmap at the location of a particular customer, job, address or other feature relating to layers in Quickmap.

For more information on this feature, use the following command in the command prompt:

quickmap.exe –help

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