Installation Or Update Is Slow

The QuickMap install and/or Upgrade should take 5 to 15 minutes to install depending on your PC. If it is taking longer that this, and you have a relatively new PC (newer than 4yrs old) then there are a couple of things you should check.

  • Check if it’s a network install. If you are installing QuickMap from a client PC onto your server, then the files will end up being copied across your network, which will really slow things down. You should consider running the install on your server, rather than from a client. If the server is not installed with QuickMap, then perform a minimal install first. You do not need to worry about registering quickmap on the server if you do not want to run quickmap on the server. The registration is not required to run setup or upgrade.
  • Check that your virus scanner is not jumping in and scanning everything that QuickMap reads. Custom Software doesn’t provide support for configuring virus scanners, but by way of example:If you are running Norton AntiVirus 2005, then select Options->Norton AntiVirus->System->Exclusions and add the QuickMap data folder e.g. \\server\qmap\data\Legal\*.mdb  and *.qik

If you are running Norton 2003 then select Options->Utilities->Protection->Exclusions and add *.mdb and *.qik.

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