July 2023 Update

Welcome to this month’s newsletter, in which we will share information about a game changing feature that’s coming to Premise this month… but first I’d just like to thank everyone who came to our booth at the National Property Institute 2023 Conference in Christchurch, in which our very own Murray Black was given the privilege of presenting the Property Adviser of the Year award.

It was great to see everyone and there was plenty of interesting chat from developments in the industry to everything else. It was also a great opportunity for us to get feedback and suggestions for our products and also share new developments. For these reasons and more, we’re looking forward to sponsoring and attending the Survey and Spatial NZ 2023 conference, so please be sure to come and say hi, we look forward seeing you there.

Outage to Premise & Prover

On the 8th of July at 7:30am we’ve scheduled an outage to Premise & Prover for approximately one hour so that we can upgrade our servers, ready for the next update to Premise.

Game Changing Feature

At the start of this newsletter, I promised to disclose information about a game changing new feature and I don’t intend to disappoint. It’s a major update that allows Premise users to upload their own data into the cloud! Yup, you read that correctly, by the end of this month you’ll be able to upload vectors and points into Premise. Data can be exported from Quickmap or other programs as WKT or CSV files then uploaded into Premise. Once uploaded, you will then be able to share the data as a layer with your colleagues, set read/write permissions or keep the data to yourself for use in your own account… I told you it was game changing 😊

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