June 2023 Update

We’ve added a number of enhancements to our online products Premise and Prover this month. Prover or Premise is available free to most Quickmap subscribers, and we recommend you check them out if you haven’t already.

Quickmap gives you more data and Property analysis functionality, and Prover/Premise gives you access to most Quickmap data online.

Premise & Prover Enhancements

Printing maps

You can now add your own branding to map printouts, which includes:

  • setting the map scale for the printout
  • adding legends
  • changing the layout
  • overlaying images or text anywhere on the map

With this new feature you can create fully tailored prints of your map that are unique to your brand.

1-Meter Contours

We have added 1m contours for the greater Wellington region which now extends from Wellington to Castle Point, and Gisborne which extends from Gisborne to Te Araroa.

See https://www.quickmap.co.nz/1mcontours.png for current 1m contour coverage.

Minor Enhancements

  • The coordinate of the centroid of the parcel is now displayed when you click in a parcel on the map or search for a property.
  • You can now search by coordinate. This enables you to search by lat/long coordinates or any other coordinate system you choose.

New Download Software

Those of you who install data updates by running QDownloader.exe may notice the executable is now signed using the more secure SHA-256 digest algorithm. 

Digital signatures are used by browsers and windows to identify the credentials of company that created the executable.

There is nothing you need to do and downloads should continue the work the same as it has in previous months.

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