March 2023 Update

New Zealand has suffered some significant weather events recently, from Flooding in Auckland to cyclone Gabrielle affecting the North Island, particularly Hawke’s Bay. Our thoughts are with everyone affected and we wish for a quick recovery and return to normality as soon as possible.

Premise & Prover Enhancements

We’ve added a number of enhancements to our online products this month.

1-Meter Contours

A 1m contour layer has been added to Premise and will also be available to Prover users over the next few weeks. This layer covers many regions in NZ and we intend to add more regions over time. Next month we expect to have Wellington added, which is the area from Wellington up to Turangi.

❗ Tip: To view the height of the contour, click the contour on the map.

Exporting Survey Marks In DXF Format

Prior to this update, survey marks could only be exported in CSV format. This update to Premise allows you to also export survey marks in formats DXF, SHP and TAB format.

Editing Symbology

We have also added a new symbology editing feature which can be accessed from the Symbology section on the Premise menu. This allows you to change how highlighted parcels are displayed. Currently parcels are highlighted in yellow; the new symbology editor allows you to change that.

Minor Changes

We have made the Menu (‘hamburger’) icon more prominent to make it more obvious where to find the menu for turning layers on / off, printing etc.

The format of the zip file that is downloaded when exporting DXF files could not be read on some computers, so we have changed the zip file format to be compatible with all versions of Windows.

We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made and thank you for the continued suggestions that you give us. Your feedback is important and helps direct us to make the product improvements you want.

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