October 2023 Update

The Survey and Spatial NZ conference (sponsored by Custom Software Limited) was a great place to get some feedback on Premise. It’s been great to hear how much people love the product and we especially appreciated the positive comments from Survey School graduates. Here’s what Murray Black (Managing Director of Custom Software Limited) had to say following the conference:

It was a fun conference, and I enjoyed catching up with old friends from Survey School.

Climate change and other factors are making these challenging times for many Cadastral Surveyors. I am committed to making it easier for Cadastral Surveyors, which is why I am giving free access to Premise for Quickmap subscribers on monthly updates. That will help them access their Quickmap data online from their phones and tablets while they’re out in the field.

We’ve had a number of customers ask us how Premise differs from our other products, Quickmap and Prover; so now feels like a good opportunity to clarify that each product is designed to satisfy different needs. In short, Quickmap is our desktop solution and the most feature-rich of the three products; Premise and Prover are the online versions of that; Premise is more focused on working with data, while Prover is more focused on searching for sales data and producing reports. For more information on how these 3 products each fit into the ecosystem and decide which is best for you, take a look at this article.

Premise and Prover Enhancements

On the subject of Premise and Prover, we have added these enhancements this month:

  • The ability to delete all data you have added to the edit layer.
  • We reduced the overlapping of labels on the map for custom layers.
  • We made a performance improvement to speed up the drawing of Land Districts, Local Councils and Regional Council boundaries.

As a final note on changes, I am eager to share with you an upcoming enhancement to Premise, Prover and Quickmap that will aid those working in areas affected by climate change, so watch out for that in the next announcement (‘sorry, not sorry’ for the teaser!).

Did you know…?

If you click on the Search tab in Prover, you can display Storm Pipes, Waste Pipes, Water Pipes, 1 Meter Contours and other layers by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right of the window?

You can also import your own data into Premise and Prover by Selecting Import off the hamburger! Any data you import will only be visible to you or people in your company you choose to share it with. We hope you checkout this new feature.

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