Permissions Required To Run Quickmap

You do not need to be administrator to run QuickMap, but you need to understand the implications of restricted write access to certain areas. This is best explained with a worked example. Lets assume you installed to C:\QMap by running \\myserver\qmap\setup.exe off your server, and you chose the Minimal setup option. In other words, the data (Maps) are all on your server at \\myserver\qmap and the QuickMap software is installed to C:\QMap. Here are the places QuickMap will try to write:

Location Reason
Registry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\QuickMap QuickMap stores the location of the data (Maps) and some of the registration information here. If QuickMap cannot write to this location, then every new user that runs QuickMap will be asked to register. We recommend you avoid this problem by either registering QuickMap as administrator, or allowing write access to this in the registry.
C:\QMap\Data\QMap.MDB This Microsoft Access database is used by QuicKMap to store information about which layers (maps) to draw, how they look (colours, fonts, line styles etc) along with other configuration details. If the database is read only, then the user will not be able to save any changes they make as to how the Map looks. There will also be some layers that do not display unless you have run QuickMap at least once as administrator. We recommend you allow write access to this database.
C:\QMap\Data\QMapData.MDB This Microsoft Access database is potentially used by QuickMap to save data imported by the user. If the user cannot write to the database, then they cannot import data into it.
\\myserver\qmap\data\Custom.MDB The Microsoft Access database Custom.MDB is used by QuickMap to save points, lines, polygons or text that have been manually added using the mouse, or imported using the Import wizard. If the user cannot write to the database, then they cannot add data to the Edit Layer. If you wish to leave the server as read only, but still want the user to be able to add data, then you should tell QuickMap to use the local copy of Custom.MDB (C:\QMap\Data\Custom.MDB). To do this, open the database C:\QMap\Data\QMap.MDB using Microsoft Access, Open table QDataSource, Search column QLabel for the value Custom and change [DEFAULTDIR]\Custom.MDB in the QSource column to C:\QMap\Data\Custom.MDB
Microsoft Acess Databases QuickMap distributes Microsoft Access Databases as part of the standard distribution. A good description of consequences of limiting access to these databases can be found at
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