Registering Quickmap With Key Cannot Log Error to C:\QMap\QMap.LOG

When registering Quickmap, you get the following error:

Quickmap Error

Registering Quickmap with key

Cannot log error to C:\QMap\QMap.LOG

This is because Quickmap was unable to register and then couldn’t write to the QMap log file.

To fix this, we must first ensure that Quickmap is able to write to the file C:\QMap\QMap.LOG. This is typically a permissions issue, to fix this give the user account that runs Quickmap, permission to read and write to that file.

Once this is done, try to register Quickmap again. This will fail, but the reason for the failure will be written to the log, which can be used to fix the registration issue. Find the new error in the Quickmap knowledge base to find out how to fix the registration error, or contact Quickmap with the error for a fix.

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