Unable To View Aerial Photos

This checklist covers all the things to check if you have installed photos, but they do not appear when you run QuickMap.

  1. Check the log file. Select Help -> Support Log off the QuickMap menu, and look for this error message:Failed to create INCSRenderer object, class not registered. ECWViewerIf this error appears then the ECW Image rendering software used by Quickmap needs to be re-installed. This normally happens when some other software modifies or shifts the location of some of the required DLLs. The solution is to upgrade to QuickMap version 6.3.101 or better. This version of QuickMap uses a local version of the required ECW image files, rather than a shared version.
  2. Check your registration. Run Quickmap and select Help -> About QuickMap from the menu. The fourth line should display the word “Images”. e.g. Quickmap Enterprise, Images (305 days). If not, then you need to register QuickMap by selecting Help -> QuickMap Registration. If you have registered, but Images still do not appear when you select Help -> About QuickMap then contact Custom Software for an Air Photo License key.
  3. Check Air Photos have actually been installed. Select Help -> About QuickMap from the menu and confirm the seventh line refers to a valid Image folder. e.g. Image folder: C:\Program Files\QAirPhoto\. If the Image folder is blank, then you need to run the Air Photo setup.
    ❗ Note: Running the Air Photo setup on a server does not install air photos on the client PC’s.
    Also check the folder actually exists. If the Air Photos are on a shared network drive, the network drive may no longer be valid if the drive letter has changed or the network is down.
    ❗ Note: The aerial photo folder location is stored in this registry location: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Quickmap\Image\DataDir
  4. Check for permission problems during the install. This section only applies to QuickMap installs on a Client PC that has Data (Maps) sitting on a network server. When the Air Photos are installed, the Air Photo layer is added to QMap.MDB. On Air Photo Setup.exe version’s prior to February 06, the setup program did not complain if it could not update QMap.MDB on your server. It would only complain if it could not update QMap.mdb on your local PC. Check you have full access to your local version of QMap.mdb and the server version, and re-run setup if necessary.
  5. Check that you’ve turned on the NZPhoto layer in Quickmap and that this layer is visible at the scale you are operating at, by default aerials are installed with the layer turned off (for performance reasons) – this is actually an install option when you install the aerial photos.
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